I paint Murals – indoors and outdoors

If you have an outdoor wall or fence that you want to hide (make disappear) then a mural may be your answer.

Restaurants often use murals to grace their walls and enhance their branding. They are strategically designed to increase the customer’s dining experience while adding style and ambience.

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The children attending this school have a great entrance. What a difference this wall mural makes.




A mural (by Kermit) covering one wall of a local restaurant. What a visual impact!

Indoor wall Mural at Miss Saigon Cafe

Miss Siagon Cafe
1421 Richmond


What a welcome!  A mural painted on the wall of a downtown Houston garage entrance

Mural in downtown Houston parking garage indicating the way in - at garage entrance

Downtown Houston parking garage entrance


Look how friendly & inviting this room is. This mural is an example of the whimsical, joyful artwork I create.

Custom Painted Dog Suite at Rover Oaks Pet Resort

Custom Painted Dog Suite
Rover Oaks Pet Resort
Mural painted by Kermit Eisenhut

Kermit Eisenhut

murals, indoors or out: let me transform your space