As a pet lover I know how much we all cherish our 4-legged friends. Most of my clients have a pet they want to remember forever, and I can make that happen with my life-like hand-painted portraits using acrylic on canvas.

When I paint the portrait of someone’s 4-legged friend (typically it is 4-legged) whether still around the house or living in their memory, I try to capture that special spark between the owner & the pet. I want the painting to reflect the genuine love and affection that exists between them and be obvious to anyone looking at the art work.

In addition to pet portraits I paint whimsical paintings, traditional landscapes, flowers, murals, even cows, mustangs & over-sized boots for the Houston Rodeo. Also furniture, a huge pear (for the city of Pearland) & numerous fun, public art pieces.

My passion is teaching art to people with terminal illnesses at area hospitals. I feel so fortunate to be able to share with others my gift of being an artist and I hope I have made a difference by helping them see the value of art in their lives; my Healing Art Classes are held at local area hospitals. More information here: Art Therapy Painting Classes

While painting, patients are able let their imagination take them to places beyond the hospital and their illness. If they can focus on their art & enjoy their time spent painting I feel I have succeeded. To me this very fulfilling.

I stay involved in the Houston community and participate in numerous charity events including SNAP’s Collars For A Cause, Texas Children’s Hospital, Cow Parade, the American Heart Association and numerous AIDS and Cancer Organizations.

Below are links to newspaper / magazine articles highlighting some of the events Kermit has participated in to raise money for charity. 

Cow Parade Fun in Houston: 2001
Kermit painted 11 cows for the 2001 Cow Parade.
The 2001 “Moovelous” Cow Parade featured 325 cows each hand-painted and put on display. $3.2 million was raised for Texas Children’s Hospital, the largest amount ever, at that time.
Kermit's Hand-painted Cows for the 2001 Houston Cow Parade
Bluebonnet Cow
Location: Knot Garden at Houston Center: Austin and Lamar

Buffalo Bymoo
Location: Knot Garden at Houston Center: Austin and Lamar

Cowing Around Houston
Location: Whitney National Bank, Smith and Pease

Escape to Greenway
Location: Land Rover Houston North: 18205 I-45 North

Location: Gus S. Wortham Fountain: Allen Parkway and Waugh

Lonesome Cowboy
Location: The Houstonian: Redstone Building, 109 N. Post Oak Lane

Cow with Attitude
Location: Hobby Airport: Broadway and Airport Blvd.

Miss Moolicious
Location: H-E-B Grocery Company – Traveling

Moo-ving to New Depths
Location: First City Tower:Lamar and Fannin

BR Yellow Rose
Location: The Galleria: Westheimer and Post Oak Blvd.

Uptown Cow
Location: Uptown Park: Post Oak and West Loop South

Kermit's Mickey Mouse - 75th Anniversary: Lone Star Mickey, 2003
In honor of Mickey Mouse’s 75th anniversary, 75 giant statues were created by 65 celebrities, actors, musicians, athletes & 10 artists. Kermit, the highly recognized Texas artist, was chosen to represent Texas and his charity of choice was Texas Children’s Cancer Center. Each Mickey Mouse stood six feet tall and weighed 700 pounds.

See the list of Mickey Mouse’s statue artists, statue names, specific charities and price achieved for charity at auction. 

On Nov. 18, 2003 – 75 years to the day Mickey made his debut in “Steamboat Willie” – the 75 statues of Mickey Mouse were unveiled and on display to commemorate the beloved Disney character. Called “Celebrate Mickey: 75 InspEARations,” these 75 statues ( actually 79) were displayed at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort till the end of April 2004. They were then transported to cities across the USA and finally ended up at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA.

Sotheby’s auctioned each Mickey Mouse statue in 2005 with all proceeds benefiting charities chosen by each artist.

Interesting article with photos of a selection of the Mickey Mouse Statues

More info here

Boots: 2007

Mustangs: 2008
28 hand-painted horses were on display across Houston for the upcoming Houston Livestock and Rodeo.
Part public relations, part charity, this annual Houstonian event (first came cows, then boots, and in 2008 it was the mustangs) grew from the 1990 Chicago Cow Parade, also a huge success.

Houston Dog Blog: 2010

Toby the dog: 2012
This article shows the photos used to paint Toby.

Mutts & Meows Mural with Kermit Eisenhut: 2014

Reception with the Artists: PAWS for a PURRpose 2013
Organized by Austin artist Allison Gregory, PAWS for a PURRpose, benefiting the Texas Humane Legislation Network and the South Texas College of Law Animal Law Clinic, was a statewide charitable public art event and auction consisting of 60 unique fiberglass sculptures (many on display) of the pets we so dearly cherish.

Wildlife Sanctuary from “True North” , Sculpture on the Boulevard: 2014
The 2014 “True North” project introduced contemporary art works to the residents & visitors along eight predetermined blocks on the esplanade of Heights Blvd.

Heights Boulevard Sculpture Project, Houston TX: 2015
True South Sculpture Exhibition on Heights Blvd.
March – December 2015

Miniature cow auctioned off for $60,000.00: 2016
Scroll down the page to the Big Fun for Little Texans section where you’ll see the cow Kermit created for Texas Childrens’ Hospital. Children had the opportunity to submit names for the colorfully painted cow statue which raised $60,000.00 at auction. All proceeds benefited the Texas Children’s Cancer Center.

OutSmart Magazine March: 2017
The (H)Art of Kermit Eisenhut

11 fiberglass cows painted by Kermit Eisenhut for the 2001 Houston Cow Parade

11 fiberglass cows painted by Kermit Eisenhut for the 2001 Houston Cow Parade.

Mickey Mouse by Kermit Eisenhut to 75th Anniversary of the beloved Disney character.

Mickey Mouse by Kermit Eisenhut: On display (2003) at the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World Resort.

One of the 28 fiberglass mustangs painted by Kermit Eisenhut for the 2008 Houston Livestock and Rodeo

28 hand-painted horses were displayed across Houston for the 2008 Rodeo.
Here’s one of Kermit Eisenhut’s.

Fiberglass pear painted by Kermit Eisenhut

Giant fiberglass pear for Pearland City Hall, Pearland TX.
Painted by Kermit Eisenhut

Kermit Eisenhut paints a fiberglass boot for the Houston Rodeo

Kermit painting a giant fiberglass boot
He said it wasn’t exactly easy, but he’d had a lot of practice with the cows for the Cow Parade in 2001

Fiberglass cow painted for University of Texas charity event by Kermit Eisenhut.

The cow, designed by Kermit Eisenhut, was designed in honor of our 2016 Legend, Chancellor William H. McRaven, Chancellor of The University of Texas System.
Auction proceeds ($60,000) went to the Texas Children’s Cancer Center.

To see Kermit’s work on display across the Houston visit the waiting rooms of the animal clinics listed below or any of the other businesses. The painted suites at Rover Oaks Pet Resort are an all time favorite.

Waiting room:
Heights Hospital for Animals, 333 W 20th St., Houston
Paintings by Kermit Eisenhut

Rescued Pets Movement
2317 W 34th St.,

Richmond Avenue Animal Hospital
4041 Richmond Ave.,

Heights Hospital for Animals
333 W 20th St.,

Heights Veterinary Clinic
1431 N. Shepherd,

Westheimer Animal Clinic Bellaire
7005 Mapleridge

Custom Painted Dog Suite at Rover Oaks Pet Resort

Custom Painted Dog Suite
Rover Oaks Pet Resort
Mural painted by Kermit Eisenhut

Bissonnet Kirby Animal Hospital
2507 Bissonnet St.,

Rover Oaks Pet Resort
2550 West Bellfort,
Houston, TX 77054
(713) 662-2119

Gaye Jackson’s
113 East 24th St.,

Urban Cleaners
920 Studemont St.,

Image Cleaners
542 Waugh Dr.,

Dr. Jeffery J. Tollett D.D.S
1101 Augusta Dr.,

Miss Saigon Restaurant
Paintings by Kermit Eisenhut

Skin Renaissance Laser Center
517 W. Gray St.,

Changing Images
3212 Smith # 102,

Sr. Javier P. Berrios M.D.
1631 N Loop West, # 555

Miss Saigon Cafe ***
1421 Richmond,

***reopening Aug 21, 2017

Kermit Eisenhut

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