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I paint pet portraits: dog portraits, cat portraits in fact any pet portrait.
All are hand-painted by me, the old-fashioned way, on canvas with acrylic paint and a brush.

I also paint  whimsical paintings, traditional landscapes, flowers, murals even cows & boots.

The Frequently Asked Questions page has a lot of information you may find useful, such as  – Can I include two or more pets in a painting? Timing. Payment details. Scheduling etc. Be sure to check it out. Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.




Decide on the size of your painting (price details here)




Take photos of your 4-legged friend and select the best one to send to me. However, you may wish to include extra photos for close-up details, color etc. but please stipulate which photo / pose you want replicated on the canvas.
Make sure it is a GOOD photo.



Contact me

Call 713.614.5655 or email
(Please leave a message if I am unable to answer the phone (which is often). I always try to return all calls by the end of the day.)

First off we’ll talk about capturing your perfect pet’s pose in a photo (if you haven’t already done so). Also the anticipated size of the painting, colors, delivery date, payment options etc.



See your painting as it evolves:

Periodically I’ll send you pics of your painting as it progresses.




Pet Portraits by Kermit

In addition to pet portraits I also paint whimsical, playful characters, as well as landscapes, flowers, murals, boots & cows (for Houston’s Rodeo), fiberglass pears (for the city of Pearland).

Whimsical Paintings


Same steps as above

Do you have a photo or just an idea?
Let’s get together to discuss what you are envisaging.

And Everything Else


Again, same steps as above

Do you have a photo or just an idea?
Let’s get together to discuss what you have in mind.

Let’s Get Started

custom hand-painted pet portraits from your photos